Employment Application

Employment Application

    Personal Information

  • General Information

  • Position Knowledge

  • Car

  • Criminal History

  • Physical Condition

  • Career Goals

  • Education

  • Employment History

  • Applicant Statement

  • I declare each of the answers given to the questions on this application to be complete and true to the best of my knowledge. I acknowledge that consideration for employment is contingent on the results of a reference and background check. I understand that any material misrepresentation or omission may be cause for denying my application, withdrawing any offer of employment, or immediate discharge, regardless of when such misrepresentation is discovered.

    I authorize the investigation of all statements given in this application, including contacting former employers for reference verification. In addition, I give my consent for all contacted persons to provide information concerning this application, and I release and hold harmless Revitalize with Rebekah, its officers, employees and agents and any other person, or any public or private entity, from any and all legal claims arising from the investigation of the statements contained in this application for employment.