Revitalize With Rebekah Offers so much to their clients at such low rates that it is impossible to beat. We continue to serve you throughout these packages using all
Non-Toxic and Biodegradable cleaners.


Kitchen Makeover

“Kitchen Makeover” is a package to completely make over your kitchen! With an eco-friendly overhaul we clean the kitchen from top to bottom and reorganize it if you need…

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Maid Service

This maid service is a great option when you need individualized care. With the busyness and hectic reality that we call life, sometimes our homes lose priority…

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“Maintenance Package” is for homes that need normal upkeep, but especially useful for those whose busy lives make it just too tough to manage that necessary extra thoroughness…

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The most important aspect of our organizational service is how well we listen; not only to you, but to the visual noise your clutter is offering up. Every piece you keep in your home is…

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“Protection Package” is for those who want to go above the everyday cleaning, whether it is during seasons of illness, when young children are running around, or any other time…

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Steam It Up

The “Steam it up, Clean it up” package steam cleans your carpets in an eco-friendly way. When walkways, stairs and rooms get used often we see the wear and tear on the floors the most.

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Wowing Windows

“Wowing Windows” is a package that would take the annoying and tedious labor of cleaning windows off your shoulders. We stick by our eco-friendly cleaners to leave you with…

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About Our Packages

With so many deep cleaning tasks to accomplish for a heavy spring cleaning, it can be helpful to hire Revitalize With Rebekah instead of working on every chore yourself. Not only can hired cleaners save you time and frustration when you are faced with monumental cleaning tasks, but we will also have access to more powerful cleaning solutions and tools to remove stubborn dirt and stains.

Hired us can turn a massive spring cleaning project into a less stressful and impossible event, letting you enjoy a clean home effortlessly.