We understand that with this economy, having a housekeeper may be difficult. With this in mind we want to give everyone the ability to be able to afford what they need. With Revitalize with Rebekah we offer a few discounts to our clients.

We have the “Referral Discount”; our “Referral Discount” is where you can save the most money. Since word of mouth is the best way of advertisement we wish to encourage everyone to speak of our services to your friends, family and co-workers. We would ask you to fill out a form with their name, address, phone number and email. We then also will give you a letter of recommendation from you to them, that you would sign and send them in a prepaid envelope supplied by us. Hoping that this will start you to speak of us with them at a future time. And we will send them periodic e-mails of what our company offers and updates. You doing this for every 2 people you recommend you will receive $5 off your next cleaning, up to $15 for one cleaning. Now there is currently no limit to how many times you can recommend. So if you recommend 6 people for every time we come you will continuously receive $15 off every cleaning you have from us. This is a great deal for you and helps us expand our services.